Podcastiness with Nick Peay

Nick Peay has launched a new podcast that he’s calling “Podcastiness.” The podcast will contain interviews with independent musicians, writers, artists and more. You’ll hear stories about what got them started, their experiences as well as some tips and tricks for aspiring artists.

You can hear and / or download “Podcastiness” at Nick’s website, Nick Peay Music or you can download them on iTunes.

Uncommon Houseflies to Release Their New EP, “Hipster Apocalypse” on Red Corduroy Music

Hipster Apocalypse is Coming: Louisville, Ky., Indie-Pop Band to Release New EP in May 2013 on Red Corduroy Music Label

LOUISVILLE, KY – February 27, 2013 – The apocalypse is coming on May 7, 2013; it just may not be the one most people are expecting. Red Corduroy Music announced today that on that date it will release the forthcoming new EP Hipster Apocalypse by The Uncommon Houseflies, an indie-pop band known for its musical diversity and an offbeat lyrical approach that utilizes humor and social commentary.

The EP will be the Louisville, Ky., band’s fifth release since 2007, and it will mark the third release for Red Corduroy Music, a Louisville-based label that focuses on helping indie artists connect with audiences outside their local scene.

The Uncommon Houseflies are a band that are truly unique. Their music is sometimes hard to pin down stylistically, yet every song they write is accessible in its own way. They might hit you with a pop-punk song in the vein of Green Day one minute, then will play something that sounds like 1970s funk, followed by a surf-rocker. And each one will be infectious.

The band is often compared to Fountains of Wayne and Barenaked Ladies, although the Houseflies point to a number of influences ranging from mainstays like the Beatles and Johnny Cash, all the way to lesser known artists such as Seattle’s Young Fresh Fellows and Boston’s Scruffy the Cat.

The EP will contain six tracks, including the title song which tells of an impending end of days not brought about by walking dead, but rather by hairy hipsters. Other key tracks include a foreboding spoken-word intro titled “Prelude to the End;” the smirking power-pop of “Nothing New;” the surf-meets-monster-movie-theme “Mystery Blend;” and the funky and salacious “Public Display of Affection.” “The Last Sing-Along” – a John Prine-esque tune which wraps up the apocalypse theme nicely – finishes out the CD.

The Uncommon Houseflies plan to do a mini-tour in April leading up to the release, with stops scheduled in Nashville and Chicago, and others pending. A CD release event is planned for May 11 at Apocalypse Brew Works in Louisville. Find out more at www.uncommonhouseflies.com.

Louisville, Ky.’s Nick Peay to Play Douglas Corner

Louisville, Ky.’s Nick Peay to Play Douglas Corner

Singer-songwriter is Touring to Support Latest Release, Feathers & Fables

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Feb. 5, 2013 – Nick Peay isn’t one to follow trends. The Louisville, Ky.-based singer-songwriter has his own voice and his own views on not just music, but also the world around him. His latest EP, Feathers & Fables, could be considered a look into that way of independent thinking, as it explores the themes of – as Peay puts it – “being who you are, being unique and finding your home.”

Fresh off a Louisville television appearance, and with the folky, sing-along “Mockingbird” burning up the airwaves on Louisville AAA radio, Peay is bringing his unique sound and vision to Nashville for a show with local artists Jenn Franklin and Kristen Cothron on Feb. 22 at Douglas Corner.

Peay’s four-song EP is quietly drawing high praise from music media. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Jeff Buckley, Tom Petty and even Matthew Sweet, HotIndieNews.com proclaimed F&F’s high-octane leadoff track “(Two Miserable) Blackbirds” as “sensible, pop music mastery that is better than most songs … heard on radio this year.”

Musicemissions.com, meanwhile, wrote that “Home” “is the best track on the EP, [and] “has an acoustic guitar line which could easily be mistaken for Jimmy Page in his more reflective moments,” while Musesmuse.com writes that the EP’s “deeply rich production value, amazing songs and strong vocal presence from Nick Peavy possesses enough musical talent and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous” in the future.

For Peay, it’s about expressing himself in unique and thought-provoking ways, both musically – he can go from playing a full-band rocker like “Blackbirds” to performing a tender ballad on ukulele without blinking – and lyrically.

“I like expressing the emotions of different things I’m going through,” he said, “but not necessarily the standard relationship stuff. I like making people think about things. I like writing songs that will make people say, ‘I never thought of it that way.’”

Peay will be in Nashville for one night only, so the audience should prepare for Peay’s best performance. The show at the legendary Douglas Corner, 2106 8th Avenue South, begins at 9 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 22. For more info, visit www.nickpeaymusic.com.

Nick Peay Performs at ZaZoo’s Tonight

See red corduroy music artist Nick Peay at ZaZoo’s tonight with his band, The Haiku Cowboys. Also on the bill are Spirit Animal from NY and The Neil Johnstone Band. Read an article about Spirit Animal and the show tonight here:

OK Zombie to Play 2012 Zombie Walk

Tomorrow night is the Zombie Walk, and once again they’re playing at ground zero, which this year is at the corner of Barrett and Grinstead/ Winter in front of the Monkey Wrench. Walk starts at 8:30, they go on at 9. This is the craziest gig, here’s what it looked like from the stage last year. Free! Bring your brains and/or taste for human flesh. Best zombie contest at 10, Squeezebot plays at 11.