Nick Peay to Play Uncle Slayton’s May 10

Nick Peay to Play Uncle Slayton’s May 10

Louisville Singer-Songwriter to Focus on Touring Going Forward

LOUISVILLE, KY – April 30, 2013 – Red Corduroy Music announced that Nick Peay will perform Friday, May 10, at Uncle Slayton’s – and then plans to hit the road to play shows for the rest of the summer.

Still supporting his well-received EP Feathers & Fables, and compiling new songs for another 2013 release, Peay is fresh off dates in Nashville and Chicago. He also has recently made live appearances on WFPK and Crescent Hill Radio, and is in the process of scheduling more live shows around the region in order to build his audience further.

What that means is that the May 10 show at Uncle Slayton’s, opening for Grammy-nominated Americana act Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, may be the last time to catch him in Louisville for a while.

“I love playing in Louisville, but every songwriter wants to take his or her material to new audiences,” Peay said, “I also have a lot of new material I want to test out, and there’s no better way to do that than playing shows to diverse audiences.”

The show at Uncle Slayton’s on May 10 begins at 9 p.m. Admission is $8. Ted Russell is also on the bill. Uncle Slayton’s is located at 1017 E. Broadway.

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Uncommon Houseflies to Celebrate Release of New EP Hipster Apocalypse … Twice

Uncommon Houseflies to Celebrate Release
of New EP
Hipster Apocalypse … Twice

LOUISVILLE, KY – April 30, 2013 – Red Corduroy Music announced that The Uncommon Houseflies will celebrate the release of its new EP Hipster Apocalypse with not one, but two shows – one on Friday, May 3, 2013, at Dillingers Music Venue in New Albany, Ind., and the second on Saturday, May 11, 2013, at Apocalypse Brew Works in Louisville, Ky.

Dillingers is located at 203 E Main Street, while Apocalypse Brew Works is located at 1612 Mellwood Ave.

Hipster Apocalypse will be the Uncommon Houseflies’ fifth release since 2007, and it will mark the third release for Red Corduroy Music, a Louisville-based label that focuses on helping indie artists connect with audiences outside their local scene.

The Uncommon Houseflies are a unique band,” Nick Peay, Red Corduroy’s founder, said. “And this new EP is their best release yet. If the reception the new songs are receiving at live shows is any indication, I foresee big things ahead.”

The Uncommon Houseflies are fresh off an appearance at International Pop Overthrow in Chicago, their second appearance at the annual festival. The band also plans to travel to Nashville and other regional cities to promote the EP this year.

The Uncommon Houseflies are often compared to Fountains of Wayne and Barenaked Ladies, although the band points to a number of influences ranging from mainstays like the Beatles and Johnny Cash, all the way to lesser known artists such as Seattle’s Young Fresh Fellows and Boston’s Scruffy the Cat.

The EP will contain six tracks, including the title song which tells of an impending end of days not brought about by walking dead, but rather by hairy hipsters. Other key tracks include a foreboding spoken-word intro titled “Prelude to the End;” the smirking power-pop of “Nothing New;” the surf-meets-monster-movie-theme “Mystery Blend;” and the funky and salacious “Public Display of Affection.” “The Last Sing-Along” – a John Prine-esque tune which wraps up the apocalypse theme nicely – finishes out the CD.